Damn these two yound dudes are HOT! As they should be when the folks producing their shoots are aptly named HOT BAREBACKING. And that is exactly what we get here today boys. Both are hung, gorgeous, and have no qualms about getting down and nasty with a totally condomless cock. Skin to skin. Dick in hole. Just the way it should be. Scott and Joshua are newcummers to the gay porn scene but have that natural ability we all appreciate. Joshua shows how much he loves Scott's big rod and Scott in turn pounds Joshua's sweet sweet behind to show his gratitude for sucking him so well.


There goes Joshua working Scott's big bone. Hmmm. I just love a good high quality video capture. When it's done right you get the realism coming out even in a still image. That's how it's done, and Hot Barebacking are pros at it.


When I first saw this pic I pretty well soiled myself. What a wonderful perspective this shot evokes. A perfect ass being penetrated by a perfect cock. Up close and as personal as you can get without actually being one of the participants.


Just like HOT BAREBACKING is famous for they have hosted a free preview of Joshua and Scott fucking like rabbits. Just the way we like it eh? Oh yeah. This is a hot scene guys. Uninhibited, raw, energetic and wild. Don't miss it by any means.

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