Schone Seelen

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I saw the title of this site, nor when I saw the home page so I went to the about page first. Schone Seelen means to have a beautiful soul apparently (which rather put me in my place for not knowing), and it describes itself as the gay Smooth or KING magazine. It's an eclectic mix of articles, news, and images of sexy, often naked, black and ethnic guys. There are one too many adverts for my liking - everyone likes to make money - but plenty of images and interesting reads are to be had. There are porno pics for sure, and some videos, but it's mainly about a celebration of the male form, the ebony body and the cocks attached to them. You've got departments such as Booty of the Week, Bootymail and Nude Celebs alongside pages with articles and info on entertainment, the worlds of music and male models. The blog sets out to enrich your soul, and after a while I felt suitably enriched; at least my fantasies did and I went away feeling that little bit more enlightened for having found this place.

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