Start Saying Goodbye To The Most Beautiful Ass in the Biz Start Saying Goodbye To The Most Beautiful Ass in the Biz

I was pretty disappointed when I heard about Connor Kline retiring from gay porn. Wholesome-looking blond guys aren't usually first at the front of my line, but I did like Kline. I first noticed him back when he did his first scene on Sean Cody as Brice. And after a handful of scenes, he started popping up on other sites as Connor Kline.

And Kline really was in and out in a hurry. His porn career was really just getting going when he announced his retirement. I think Kline only filmed for a little more than a year, but he probably had another couple good years left. But he tweeted that he had never meant for porn to be a long-term thing, it was just something he did to pay for school.

And although Connor Kline has officially retired, there are still lots of scenes in the can, so we'll be seeing him for a while. In's "Take Your Clothes Off," Kline and his roommate Topher DiMaggio have just gotten home from a night out. But they're not quite ready to call it a night.

Topher tells Connor to take his clothes off, and when the blond stud strips, you'll just about weep. Beautifully ripped body, heavy-hanging cock, furry thighs, and the most gorgeous bubble butt in the business. Topher pounds the hell out of Kline, and you'll only have a few more opportunities to see that beautiful butt before it's history. Or until Kline makes a comeback, we can always hope.

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