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Liev is a ripped Russian stud who started filming with Sean Cody a few months ago. He's got a perfect body, an adorable face, and a beautiful uncut cock. He's unsure of where he's at sexually - straight, gay, bi - and says with a big smile, "I'm probably bi-curious!" And I guess he's been very curious, because since his first jerk-off video back in July of 2011, he's filmed seven suck and fuck videos (four of them bareback) where he's mostly topped, but he has gotten his muscled butt fucked in one scene.

Phillip is a total Sean Cody newb; he just filmed his first jerk-off video a couple of weeks ago. Phillip is gay and he's been out since he was 18 years old; in fact, he had a five-man gang bang as his first sexual experience on his 18th birthday. During his interview, Phillip said that he liked to fuck. But in his first hardcore scene, not only is he fucking Liev (his second time) but Phillip is getting his ass fucked, too.

Initially Phillip seemed shy about saying where he was from: "a former eastern bloc country," he said; but when Sean Cody asked Liev what he though of Phillip, Liev said: "He's Russian. Russians are fun!" Liev liked Phillip's furry body and rubbed his hairy abs. And these two Russkies go at it bareback and they each take turns fucking each other. And Phillip, who says he is normally a top, loved having Liev's big uncut dick inside him - who wouldn't? And when it was all over Liev said, "I think this is the most chemistry I have had with someone ... maybe you guys should pair me up with more Russians!" Indeed, more Russians like you, Liev!

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