Well holy shit XTRA INCHES has really gone and done it this time around. Check these two dudes out! Jake and Marc happened to find themselves walking through the jungle and Jake stopped to take a piss. Well Marc couldn't keep his hungry eyes off of Jake's huge meat and well....the rest is all in the pics and free gallery to follow. Talk about a "Rumble In The Jungle" guys. There's enough testosterone in this shot to keep any true gay voyeur hard for a long long time. Jake makes the perfect top with his massive muscles and raging meat. Marc is just as manly. He just likes to receive the business end of a horny dick. It's all good!


Let's skip right to the chase shall we. Jake mounts Marc with the force of a beast in heat and shows him what life's all about. This shot conveys an animal energy akin to nothing but pure raw gay anal energy. It's almost like we're all flies on the wall. At the right place at the right time.


It's funny how we forget we're animals isn't it? Perhaps this shot will bring you back to reality. The main sexual purpose of the human male is to spread his seed as much as possible. In this day and age, it really doesn't matter where that seed ends up. It just needs to be spread.


If you're a bottom who likes it nice and hard, then you know that when you're engaged in hardcore anal ramming like what is going on here, your cock gets just about as hard as it can get. Marc looks like he's about to burst a blood vessel in this shot. LOL. Seriously guys. XTRA INCHES just gets better and better all the time and there is no time like the present to experience their neverending supply of raw carnage. Have a peek at the free video gallery and see what I mean.

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