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I've had a thing for Tim Kruger ever since I saw him in his Raging Stallion. He's a good-looking, bearded stud with a killer cock. Ross Hurston is another sexy bugger who I've admired on sites like Men at Play and UK Naked Men. He's a beautiful man with a strong, hairy body and his cock is nothing to sneer at either. But in this scene Ross isn't going to be using his cock much. Kruger gets the sexy hairy man down on his knees and starts teasing his fuck hole. He slides his banana-curved cock between Hurston's strong buttocks and while Hurston is desperate to feel that stiff rod piercing his fuck hole, Kruger is making him wait. When the bearded stud finally plunges his dick deep inside his new found buddy, Hurston groans with pleasure. Hurston rolls over onto his side and Kruger slips in from behind. He thrusts his big cock hard until Hurston can't take anymore, releasing spurts of juice all over his hairy abs. Kruger isn't far behind him, and in the end, Hurst is exhausted and covered in cum. You can only see this video in Hot House's Backroom, so get over there!

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