Roman Ragazzi

Meet Roman Ragazzi. He's one of the hottest finds to turn up in gay porn in years. He's a sexy muscle god with a huge, hairy, muscular body; chiseled face; and fat 9-inch dick. This is your first look at this perfect, Mediterranean man, but it won't be your last. He's appearing on Rear Stable this week, but he's also made an appearance on Collin O'Neal. And this means that we can look forward to seeing this hairy stud in some Raging Stallion movies soon. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Roman Ragazzi signed to an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion. And Roman looks just as hot from behind - beautiful, strong, hairy ass and thick thighs. I'm not sure whether he's a top or a bottom, but with a 9-inch dick we're all praying he's a top, but the way things work, he's probably a bottom. :) At any rate, he does have a gorgeous cock - painfully thick at the base with a delicious cock head. And with his Italian background, I'm guessing he's uncut, although his photo shoot doesn't show his soft cock so I can't be sure.

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