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Matthew Rush is an example of how that old addage "too much of a good thing is bad" is all wrong. Look at that fat cock, I never really realized how thick Matthew's cock is until I saw this picture. And how could you not want more of that? And Roman Rivers is one lucky guy as the two fuck over at Men Over 30.

Roman starts off his session with Matthew Rush by getting into a little muscle worship. He squeezes those massive biceps, rubs his hands all over those smooth, plump pecs, and inspects Matthew's massive bubble butt. And then he hauls that fat dick out of Matthew's tight-fitting briefs. Matthew lies back as Roman chows down on his meat, "Fuck yeah, suck my cock!" coos Matt, and then he gives Roman's dick a swallow. Roman's dick needs no encouragement, it's rock hard.

The huge bodybuilder spreads Roman's butt cheeks and inspects his hairy fuck hole. He gives it a thorough tonguing, getting it ready for his thick dick. Then Matthew sits back and watches as Roman slides on his dick. It takes Roman a bit of easing in, but eventually his tight ass wraps around Matt's super fat dick and the cock-hungry bottom groans with pleasure. Matt bends Roman over and pounds his ass before moving into a missionary and continues thrusting. Roman jerks his cock furiously, and when they're ready to shoot, the two dismount and cream themselves in a side-by-side jerk-off. Matthew's load splooges lazily out of his cock and he seems envious as he watches the flyer sailing out of Roman's stiff cock. This is definitely one cumshot you don't want to miss. Head over to Men Over 30 and watch the free preview video.

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