It's a damned good thing the guy getting gang-banged in these scenes is as musclebound as his tops. REAR STABLE continues it's sensational roided out 4-man orgies with Scene 3. And just like they are famous for, a fantastic free video gallery link is included in the deal. Once again, mountains of muscle assembled together to cause a massive quake with their all out balls-to-the-wall fucking extravaganza. If you missed the first couple of scenes, then better late than never. For all you muscle lovers out there, this is the shizzle!


I cannot stress enough how much I would love to be that bottom guy with that huge cock ripping his ass apart and a sweaty, smelly ass in his face. To me, this is pure heaven. I would imagine he feels the same way the lucky fuck. LOL.


While it's one thing for a man to have lots of muscle, it's another to have all of the other equipment in order to contain the full package. Tatts, hair and ass-filling meat close the deal with these guys. Real men engaged in real raunchy action.


This is just a small taste of what you'll find at the free gallery page folks. Like I said, if muscle is your thing, you really can't get much better than this. These monsters like it rough and like it hard just as their profiles may indicate. REAR STABLE is one of my favourite sites and I never miss a scene. Especially when it cums to scenes like these! Now to muscle up so I can get corn-holed like this guy by all those beasts!

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