Rocco Steele Fucks Luke Tyler in "Eat, Prey, Fuck" Rocco Steele Fucks Luke Tyler in "Eat, Prey, Fuck"

When it comes to sucking Rocco Steele's monster cock, Luke Tyler is one of the better ones I've seen. Most guys get Steele's head wet and that's about it. I get it, it's 10x7, that's a lot of meat to stuff in your mouth. But props to Tyler for giving it the good ole college try. Tyler plays opposite Steele in's continuation of Eat, Prey, Fuck and Luke has arrived to get Rocco to sign some papers. It's clear they want to fuck, but don't know how to get into it, so there's a bit of awkward back and forth before they finally go for it and kiss, then Steele rips Tyler's shirt open. And Tyler really is the scene stealer in this one, come inside and find out why.

After a long head session, Rocco bends Luke over the table and gives him one of his signature rimming sessions -- the man sure loves feasting on hole -- and he fingers Luke too, as if that's going to make a difference. But surprisingly, when Steele starts inching in, he just slides inside. No wailing or crying, no push-outs, no jostling to find the hole, Steele aims his huge cock against Tyler's pucker and pushes in. They fuck like this for a bit, then Luke gets on the floor, throws his legs over his head, and Steele plunge fucks him (most of you call it pile driving, but I never cared for the term), and it's impressive.

So. Well. Then. Okay, I'm just going to say it -- Rocco Steele has never been a volume cummer. I guess it's God's way of balancing things out -- you get a giant cock, but it there's not a great amount of output, sounds fair to me. So he's standing over Luke jacking his monster and he starts making lots of noise. Then a timid bit of white peeks out of his cock and that's it. But wait for it. Luke throws his legs over his head and gushes seven -- yes, seven -- ginormous squirts across his face. When he's done, he looks like he's been bukkaked by three guys, but it's all his.

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