Rocco Steele Fucks Josh Milk in "Eat, Prey, Fuck" Rocco Steele Fucks Josh Milk in "Eat, Prey, Fuck"

There are so many reasons to love Eat, Prey, Fuck. It's Rocco Steele's first scene with, and maybe you just want to see him slamming Josh Milk's ass, but you might want to check this one for a few other reasons. First, Steele can act and does a great job playing an angst straight man trying to figure out who he is late in life. Second, this video is decidedly different than a lot of the productions we see from this studio. It has a good script and it's carefully filmed with some nice production values. This is a sexy scene that you don't want to miss. Come inside and see some previews.

Rocco Steele leaves his wife at home and heads over to Europe to try and figure out some things, like why guys are turning his head all of a sudden. Josh Milk works at the hotel where Steele is staying and helps him to his room with his luggage. A few minutes later, Milk is back with another bag that Steele forgot. Steele doesn't give Milk a chance to leave this time, he sits down saying, "I came to find myself. Not sure what I want. Understand what I mean?" Milk knows exactly what Steele means, and after some tender kissing, he kneels between the man's legs and shows him how good a guy's mouth feels on his monster cock.

Milk bends over and hoists his leg up on the coffee table and Steele pushes his way inside. After the lad's butt hole finally opens up, they head for the chair and Milk sits on Steele's bone. I liked this sequence the best because there's lost of kissing and holding. I know, I'm a romantic sap. But after some deep riding, they return to doggy style fucking over the table and Josh finally unloads his nuts on the floor. And next Thursday, Rocco Steele has another horny lad over to his hotel room to help him do some more exploring.

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