caleb colton and ty tucker

At the end of May tattooed and hung Caleb Colton made his first appearance on Extra Big Dicks in his first jerk-off video. And he's back this week showing us what he can do with that 8.5-inch big dick of his. He's paired up with Ty Tucker, a sweet-looking guy with a pretty big dick himself.

Caleb and Ty are hanging out, chilling out and drinking. Ty returns with some ice that Caleb has requested. "Here's the ice for your drink," Ty says. But Caleb hoists his shirt and exposes his nipples and says, "The ice isn't for my drink," pointing at his nipples. After icing and chewing on this tattooed bad boy's nips, Ty gets down on his knees and releases Caleb's stiff cock from his shorts. Ty deep throats Caleb's beautiful dick and even gags on it. Then Caleb kneels and give Ty some reciprocal oral action.

When he's finished with Ty's cock, Caleb bends his buddy over and inspects Ty's ass with his tongue. Caleb pushes his hard dick deep inside Ty's ass, barely giving Ty a chance to get used to the size of his cock. But Ty's used to getting his hole fucked hard, so he takes it and moans as Caleb starts pounding his ass. Ty takes control of things and mounts Caleb, sitting on his stiff fuck pole and riding it until he spews all over Caleb's tattooed chest. And once Ty is finished unloading, Caleb stands and showers his buddy with several thick streams of spunk.

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