Riding a Hard Cock

It's often a crap shoot for gay porn sites who feature a lot of straight guys in their videos because the site owners are never really sure if the guy is going to be up for some more guy-on-guy action. Chaos Men produces a series of "serviced" videos where straight guys doing their on-screen auditions and get a blowjob from another guy. When Blair did his video, Chaos Men was pretty sure that was the end of him. While he shot an intense cum shot and seemd to enjoy his blowjob, site owner and blowjob giver Bryan Ockert just didn't think Blair would be coming back. But Blair did call back a couple of weeks later, saying he would top another guy. So Chaos Men set him up with Adam, who shares the "breaking in" of the straight guys duties with the photographer. The chemistry between Blair and Adam was amazing, producing an intense fuck scene. Blair really seemed to enjoy being able to pound someone hard. And Adam stayed hard for most of the shoot, with his hard cock bouncing up and down while he rode Blair's hard cock. What we the viewers don't get to see is that Adam and Blair are watching their own fuck scene in an off-camera mirror, and this gets them both super hot. And we love to watch.

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