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Some guys just have far too much fun! But sex is suppose to be fun, right? Things start off well enough as Jonny and Miguel kiss passionately, grope each other's crotches, and start stripping out of their clothes. Completely naked, Miguel leans over the back of the sofa and Jonny T eats out his hole. After a little fucking doggy style, Jonny sits back on the sofa and relaxes for a bit. Then holding his cock straight up in the air, he motions his buddy to come and sit on it. Miguel starts laughing because he knows it's going to be a chore sitting on his buddy's huge cock. Squatting on a hard dick always seems to hit places that make your eyes roll in their sockets. The guys high-five and Miguel lowers himself onto Jonny's huge dick. It's a big effort and really shows on his face. But eventually Miguel's ass loosens up and the guys get into a hot rhythm. When they're both ready to shoot, Jonny climbs on top of Miguel and they jack off together, coating Miguel with two big, creamy loads of cum. Jonny T is a favourite over at Next Door Buddies, so make sure you check out all of his videos -- this stud knows how to take care of a guy's ass.

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