Ricky M Sucks Cock

Ricky M is the spitting image of Ricky Martin. Perhaps Rick M is a little more muscular than his pop-star "brother," but he's pretty close. So much so that we might even fool some tabloid editors if we were to send some of these pictures off to the gossip rags. Ricky M made his appearance on Next Door Male a few weeks back. And this week, he's back and paired up with Luke. Both of these two guys have big, uncut cocks. (Man, I'd love to be a fluffer on this one, with all that foreskin, I'd be in cock heaven.) Lucas and Ricky M. were kicking back the other night and decided to watch a bit of porn before heading out to the clubs. After a few minutes, they both had their pants down around their ankles and they were beating their stiff dicks. Ricky M. asked Lucas if he wanted a helping hand and he started tugging on his Luke's hard uncut cock. And then, without any prompting, Ricky M. leaned over started sucking his buddy's cock. Lucas didn't mind because, when you're horny, any hole will do - that's his motto anyway. Lucas stood up and face-fucked Ricky M. until he felt his balls tightening, and then, he blasted off a load all over Ricky M's smooth and muscular chest. With his buddy taken care of, Ricky M. sits back on the sofa and covers his stomach with his own juicy load of cum.



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