Samuel has been the resident cocksucker and butt boy at Next Door Buddies for several scenes now. He's a cute guy with a solid body -- smooth except for the treasure trail rising from his pelvis to his belly button. He's got a beautiful uncut cock and a hot ass. And he's graced with a set of plump, kissable lips, or in this case cocksucker lips. Next Door Buddies features a lot of straight guys getting off with other guys. There's a lot of side-by-side jack off scenes with a couple of guys sitting on a couch and pumping one out. But whenever they can convince the guys to go a little further they can. And Samuel is one of their regular bottom guys. I guess the straight guys don't mind getting their cocks sucked -- even sometimes fucking a guy's ass -- but it's pretty rare when you find a straight guy who is willing to go all of the way with another guy. Here Samuel is down on his knees. He's just spent a considerable amount of time sucking Phenix's big cock. Phenix is a tall, hot, dark-haired guy. He's sporting some chin scruff, his body is hard and smooth, and he's packing a nice-sized wallop between his legs. After Samuel gets him good and excited, he spews a hot, creamy load all over Samuel. If you're into watching guys suck cock, this is a hot scene.

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