Redhead Guys Consummate their Bromance Redhead Guys Consummate their Bromance

There aren't a lot of redhead guys in gay porn, so having two of them together in one scene is a huge thrill. In this new video from called Bromance, hunky ginger Jake Wilder has tried a number of times to get his straight buddy (Connor Maguire) to come over to the gay side, just once. Jake has pounded out more than a couple of loads thinking about his straight best friend fucking his ass.

The video opens with Jake Wilder begging Connor Maguire to try it once. Connor rebuffs him saying, "Come on, dude, we're friends." But Jake doesn't let up and keeps pawing at Maguire's chest. Then Connor finally asks, "Okay, you wanna do this?" and the boys get into it. I've always enjoyed watching Maguire, he's a good-looking guy with a strong body and a big dick, but Jake Wilder is new to me. I know he's done other scenes, I just never noticed him before. And wow! What a hot stud. He's got several pounds of muscle on Maguire sporting a beefy body.

Connor bends Jake over a table and grabs two fists full of ass, spreads them, and dives in with his tongue. Wilder has a great ass, it's a top's dream come true. And after swapping blowjobs and some really horny rimming, Connor gives his buddy exactly what he wants - a deep and hard ass dicking. This second episode of Bromance is a good solid scene with hot and sweaty fucking and the guys have good chemistry. Redhead guys aside, I'm a fan of Jake Wilder now and I'm on the hunt for more of this sexy stud's videos, but I don't have to go far because he's in seven scenes over at where he both tops and bottoms, so I've got some catching up to do.

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