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There have been quite a few redheads in my blogs recently. It's funny, I can go for weeks without seeing many redheads in gay porn, and then suddenly, they're everywhere. Maybe the universe knew that Shaun White was going to take gold at the Olympics, so it conspired to flood gay porn sites with fiery reminders. Next Door Buddies has paired up this sexy redhead with a dark-haired cocksucker. I love the contrast in their colouring. The redhead is a well-built stud with pale skin speckled lightly with little blasts from the sun. He's wearing ink on both biceps and they're bold and dark tattoos. He sits in a chair as this dark-haired guy starts sucking his dick. The redhead has a nice piece of meat, long with some girth to it, and a shiny, plump cock head. The redhead pays no mind to the brunette's cock. It's stiff while this cocksucker is plunging his face into his buddy's fiery bush. But it's the brunette's ass that this redhead is after. It's firm and tight, and this redhead is aiming to loosen it up a bit with his big dick.

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