SEXGAYMES is proud to introduce Red and Steve, lip-locked here for all the world to see. Red, also known as Clinton, and Steve are sheep shearers from Australia. Their mate Bruce decided to bring the two extremely hot blokes together to see what would happen. Portrayed here in a 4 pic series as well as a free movie gallery for you, are the results. They begin by chewing on each other's tongues for some time, but soon Red can't resist Steve's luscious piece of uncut meat.


See here as Red gets down and dirty on that irresistable natural prick. It's what he does best. That and take it up the ass. He knows that he has to get that tool rock hard and ready though in order to ensure his top man can deliver his big cock to him the way he wants. What a great close-up! It certainly looks like he knows what he's doing, wouldn't you say?


How's that for a view? Nothing like being right underneath a hot scrotum to witness a nasty anal violation. Steve knows how much of an insatiable bottom boy Red is and decides he's going to show him that not all outback, sheep shearers are created equally. I believe Red gets the point...err....yeah, an eight inch uncut point deep inside his steaming slut of an ass.


Whoever said the missionary position is outdated? Looks pretty fucking hot to me. Slam that hole Steve. Show us all around the world what you can do with that huge Aussie fuck tool. Well guys, I assure you Steve does just that. Of course that's much more prevalent in the free movie gallery. But you have to head on over there to check it out. Well? Don't keep Red and Steve waiting now.

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