Sometimes I get a hankering for some really nasty, raunchy, bad boy sex. You know the kind I'm talking about. When you do things that you'd never discuss with anyone. Antonio is the type of guy I'd looking for when I'm having one of these moments. He looks like a bad-boy type. The type of guy who would tell you to get down on your knees and suck his fat cock. And he'd probably talk dirty to you, call you a nasty cock sucker. Maybe even spit on you and slap your face with his big cock. And that's hot. Shaved head, piercing eyes, black wifebeater, and baggy hip-hop jeans, Antonio is the proverbial straight gansta-wanna-be and he's the perfect type for this kind of scenario. And he's got a really nasty piece of meat, not a pretty cock at all. It's really thick and fat at the base and the shaft narrows towards his cock head. But when you're in the mood for nastiness, you're not thinking pretty. I can just imagine him holding the back of my head and ramming that fat monster right to the back of my throat, then holding my head and grinding his fat cock down my throat. "Yeah, suck that fat dick, cock sucker, suck it." And then when he lets me up for air, he grabs my face in his hand, looks into my eyes and says, "You like that fat Latino dick, don't you cock pig?" And he spanks my tongue and lips with his slab of meat. Oh yes, Antonio would do just fine for a hot session of piggy cock sucking.

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