Really Big Cock

Logan is a 24-year-old Californian with an amazingly lean and tight body. Standing just a hair under 6' tall, he's sporting a thick, cut 8-inch piece of meat. While he definitely prefers the ladies and prefers to get his cock sucked by them, he says that guys definitely do it better. And from time to time, when he's hanging out with a buddy, drinking some beer and watching some porn, he's not opposed to swapping blowjobs. Geez, things sure have changed since I was his age. To make sure that he provides a nice big, juicy load, Logan says that he didn't jack off for five days before this shoot. Now his bio says that his cock is 8-inches long, but I'd like to see that measuring tape because it sure looks a lot bigger than that. And those low hanging balls, fuck, they're really big. His really big cock is long and thick, with a perfectly-tapered head. Logan treats us to a hot jack off sessions - his hands never break their rhythm as he strokes sitting down, standing up, and finally, lying back. And when he finally shoots, the cum sprays out of his cock like a geyser - straight up in the air and landing all over his six pack.

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