Power Bottom Fuck

There's nothing hotter than watching a power bottom giving up his ass and enjoying a vigorous and sweaty fuck session. And Sean Cody brings together these two good-looking and well-build college studs for a sweaty fuck. But what makes this fuck session even hotter is that Matt and Evan are lovers in real life. Throughout the course of their relationship, Matt has specialized in fucking his lover's tight ass. When you're with a power bottom there's no point in fighting it: you either learn to fuck ass - and do it well - or you do without. And if a power bottom is going to assume the bottom role all the time, he'd better do more than just lie there with his ass in the air. And Evan's got a lot of pent up energy; he's been in the Marines - lots of cock to see, but very little to touch! But now he's a full-time student and there's lot of cute boys to catch his attention. But he's only got eyes for Matt, and just to make sure his eyes don't wander too much, Matt fucked the shit out his boyfriend and showed him what the other guys can't give him - a long, hard dicking.

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