I don't know why, but for some reason I've been waiting all week for my Next Door Male fix. Sometimes I just get fixated on a site for a while. Well, Next Door Male updated this morning, and Kenny was worth the wait. Kenny is a 21 year old construction worker with a muscular physique and handsome good looks. He's a little on the beefy side, you know with a nice layer of fat plumping up those muscles. I don't like the skin stretched over muscle look, so Kenny's body is absolutely perfect. There's one shot where he's sitting in an arm chair, his jeans are unbuttoned, and his hand has slidden down his crotch; a few whisps of pubic hair crawling up his belly towards his six pack -- it looks so hot. He then admires his own hard body in the mirror, checking out his muscles and admiring his cock. He sits back on a couch to jack off. And he's got a pretty nice cock. When Kenny is ready to blow his load, he stand up and shoots it right up the length of a coffee table. He's a power blaster. I love watching how guys like to cum -- Kenny's quite the performer.

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