I don't know why Dalmar decided to pose for masturbate, but I know I'm glad he did. While the folks at Maskurbate don't tell us much about Dalmar, I know that he looks in-fucking-credible. What an gorgeous body this man has -- lean, ripped, and oh so muscular! He's got the kind of chest that I'd love to run my tongue all over... not to mention those bulging shoulders and washboard abs. And the mask adds that touch of mystery to an already very exciting package. And speaking of packages, can't wait to see what he's got hidden in those pants!

Here's a pic of Dalmar at the beginning of the shoot. Like most bodybuilders, he loves showing off his strong, defined upper body -- and of course, those rounded well-muscled biceps.


And do I ever like what I see here! Dalmar's body is totally naked, showing off his glossy ebony skin and hard black cock. And if there's one thing I love, it's a guy who doesn't shave disputes -- like Dalmar


I know it doesn't show off the mask, but what the hell! I wanted a close-up of Dalmar's thick piece of man meat. He's got one hand wrapped around his dick and teasing those tight balls...


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