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Brodie and Mason are spending some time in the Next Door Buddies pool. They're enjoying an afternoon of sunning themselves and taking dips in the cool water. When dark-haired Brodie sits up on the edge of the pool, Mason can't resist the big, meaty cock hanging between Brodie's legs. So Mason swims over and swallows himself some straight cock. Brodie doesn't mind, he's horny, and when his balls are full he's open to a little guy-on-guy action. They get out of the pool and Brodie heads for a lounge chair, where he lies back and continues to enjoy some superb cock sucking from Mason. But Brodie is hot for more than a blowjob, so Mason straddles the chair backwards and slides Brodie's hard dick inside his ass. This gets Brodie riled up, so he takes over and bends Mason over the poolside bar. After pounding Mason's ass good, Brodie sprays his load all over the muscular, blond stud. And that's how you wile away a Sunday afternoon.

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