Be prepared to laugh your ass off. Ummm...I don't know where to begin. I can just imagine the face I was making when the main page loaded up. LOL. Ok...your main character is Plushie Schwartz. He's a teddybear. Or rather a dude dressed up like one. He appears to have some serious issues like accessive drinking, pill popping, and copious amounts of anonymous sex. I looked at this site with a perspective of humour - as I'm sure most of us will. However, I also tried to keep in mind that there are those who have teddybear fetishes. Like they seriously get off on sex with stuffed animals. If you click on any of Plushie's pics you'll be taken to a few videos of him drinking and carrying on. The first video, linkable by the circular image on your right, takes us to a blowjob scene of Plushie's bear bone getting worked by some hot skinheaded dude. Of course he has to reciprocate, and does so even with his teddybear head still on. Plushie is blessed with a huge tongue and puts it to work on his playmate's butthole. Who, by the way, has a really hard time keeping a straight face while getting rimmed with the plastic tool. What you see here will no doubt make you laugh I am sure. For those who may have some form of fetish toward guys dressed as a stuffed animal, you could be in heaven. Me......I can't stop giggling. Hilarious!

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