Rear Stable have yet another fantastic shoot for us all here. Jake Deckard and Remy Delaine are without a doubt two of the hottest hairy and hung studs you will ever see engaged in all out ass-banging fun. Remy has one of the most sensational uncut cocks I've ever laid eyes on. Complete with foreskin that covers his whole head, Jake devours the luscious meat like it's his last meal. Then the swapping begins and sculpted, furry asses get plundered and the cum flows like water from a tap. Fantastic!


I pretty well soiled myself when I saw this pic of Jake prying open Remy's manhole. Gotta love all that hair. That's when flossing your teeth actually becomes fun if you ask me. Especially with such fine ass pubes as these.


Ahhh yes, some good gay love. There isn't much better of a sensation than a tight manhole wrapped around your engorged meat. As I'm sure Jake is finding out here. These guys are so fucking manly. All that muscle, the dim light, and the tatts really add such a hardcore vibe to this shoot.


I couldn't leave out a pic of this magnitude. No way Jose'. Check out that huge cock plundering that tight hairy hole. Hell yeah. True to tradition, Rear Stable have supplied a free vid gallery of this wonderful rendezvous guys. If you miss this I can tell you you're losing out on something out of this world. If you like your guys ultra-manly, ultra-hung and ultra-hardcore, this is the scene for you.

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