Imagine 8 hard and horny guys getting together for all kinds of sucking, jerking, and poking around. Now imagine they're all in tiptop shape and have been cooped up for the longest time in a military barracks. Active Duty have been in a Platoon Orgy-esque state of mind as of late and they once again bring us some serious fun here. The whole amateurish ambience in this shoot is super. Just a bunch of military dudes brought together by a few common elements - boredom, stir-craziness, and straight out blueball horniness.


It looks as though the two cocksuckers are little more bold than their peers. Do you suppose they're going to make the rounds and suck off every guy in the room? If so, I really can't think of anything more fortunate that can happen to them.


Oh. It looks as though another guy has tried his hand at some cock cleaning. The dude standing has a nice long dick. I think he's watching the guys at the foot of the bed sucking off those other 2 blokes. It might be safe to say that mob mentality is at work here. Once a few guys get the balls rolling, everyone else in the room just crumbles and lets it all go.


There we go. Now they're all into it. Very cool. Active Duty are just awesome when it comes to military amateur porn. It's the reality of the shoots that make them so alluring. Like a bunch of guys just got together one afternoon to suck each other off. What could be more fun than that?!

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