If you're into gay erotic art or comics, no doubt you're already familiar with the work of Patrick Fillion. After Tom of Finland, Patrick is probably the best known artist in this genre. Patrick's work is available from some well-known comic and bookstores including Amazon.com. He has a passion for the nude male body that translates itself into vibrant, beautiful and extremely erotic drawings.

Patrick grew up in Quebec, Canada. He was always drawing as a child and it came very naturally to him. When he was 3, he used to watched anime cartoons, then run into his bedroom and draw his favorite characters. At the age of 5, he got his first taste of comic books and they inspired him further. While other kids were fighting or playing, Patrick was always drawing.

Patrick drew nudes and comic book art at an early age, which wasn't easy in a Catholic community. He drew what he loved, and what he loved to draw was erotic art of the male form. Luckily for Patrick, he found encouragement from a high school teacher who told him to draw what he loved.

While Patrick never had any formal art training, while in high school he was hired to teach art at a community center. He discovered two things at this point - teaching wasn't for him, and he wanted to draw comics for a living.

In high school, Patrick followed the crowd and had a girlfriend. He had never heard of being gay, had no source of information and felt very confused about his sexuality. It was at the age of 18 when Patrick moved to Vancouver that he discovered the gay community. He and work blossomed, and for the first time Patrick began to show people his homoerotic art.

When he was still a teenager, Patrick created a character called Camili-Cat. Camili-Cat is a Felinoid bottom and he comes complete with big cock and a tail. Camili-Cat is celebrating his 20th anniversary and he is one of the characters appearing in Patrick Fillion's comic books, calendars, t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets and other gift items.

In fact, after all these years, Mr. Fillion has a stable of horny, gorgeous and underdressed male characters and their comics are loved by erotic art audiences in many countries. Besides his boytoons, Patrick also has some very hot lesbian characters appearing in his comic series "Guardians of the Cube".

Patrick and his partner, Fraz, now operate their own comic company, Class Comics. They publish many of Patrick's comics and art books, and this allows complete artistic control.

Besides producing his fine art and comics, Patrick Fillion also does custom illustrations for some gay publications and websites. In fact, the Gay Demon is one of his tasty and muscular characters. Gorgeous, powerful, strong - the Gay Demon defines both Gaydemon.com and Patrick Fillion's art.

Patrick's characters are charismatic, incredibly fit, sexy and playful. They have big erect nipples, huge hard cocks and beautiful toon faces. Every one has a distinct personality as well as an overwhelmingly sexual presense. His roots in super hero comics are easy to see in lot of his work, only he has added his own touches to his cast of charaters.

More than 20 years later Patrick Fillion's erotic art is known to people all over the globe. He has created a world of incredibly hung super heros and sexy rent boys ready to cater to any desire. Patrick has certainly made a name for himself and he works full time at his art, creating more adventures for his horny boytoons and living in British Columbia with his partner.

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