active duty threeway

New recruit Axl made quite a splash when he first appeared on Active Duty a few of weeks back. This cute guy made his first jerk-off video and was quickly summoned back for his first hardcore guy-on-guy sex scene with three other guys. Talk about giving a straight guy the full initiation.

Axl is back in his second gay sex scene with Chaz and Boyd for a passionate threesome. Chaz was in the fourgy with Axl and Axl wrapped his feet tightly around Chaz's hard cock and the blond stud fucked them for a good, long while. It was one of the hottest things I've seen in gay porn a while.

Axl and Boyd are pretty new to guy-on-guy sex, Chaz has been appearing on Active Duty for a while. These three horny guys do it all in this 50-minute video - kissing, cock sucking, rimming, and of course, fucking. They play in the shower and on the bed. And Axel gets his ass fucked for the second time, or maybe it's the third or fourth time - I think all the guys in the fourgy fucked him, so does that count as one or three times?

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