MEN OVER 30 know how much some of us adore older men. With the likes of mature hunks like Parker Williams helping to make up their vast collection, it's no wonder they're one of the best portrayers of daddy males online. Parker is 42 years old and says on an average day he cums at least twice. However, when he is working, apparently he can blow even more loads than that. Pretty amazing considering his age, but when you look at how healthy and virile this beast is, it's not suprising in the least.


What a fantastic pose eh? Big, thick 8 inch rod hanging down. Beautiful hairy ass. Talk about inviting! My tongue strains as it takes on a mind of it's own, yearning to work that ass and prick until this guy is so turned on he rolls over to fuck my face something fierce.


Love the fur on this mature man. Those armpits look pretty tasty. One could work their way down and give Parker a good tongue bath. He looks so relaxed, which would makes things even more interesting.


Well well well. A nice shot of cum to finish off our brief tour of Pappa Parker. MEN OVER 30 gives you much more of Parker and many of his peers. Read the review, find out what it's in store for you, then head on over and get your fair share of perfect pappas. I'm there quite a bit myself.

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