Paddy O'Brian Gets Fucked Again Paddy O'Brian Gets Fucked Again

A couple of months ago Paddy O'Brian rocked the gay porn world with the somewhat shocking news that he was going to bottom for the first time. I say "somewhat shocking" because there comes a time in every gay porn star's career as a top that he'll eventually have to bottom. Either his career is waning and it needs a boost, or some porn site offers him so much money that he can't say "no." Paddy O'Brian's career certainly doesn't show any signs of plateauing, he's still one of the hardest working men in gay porn and has a new scene every couple of weeks, and he has a huge following.

So after Topher DiMaggio gave Paddy his first on-screen fuck, O'Brian was back to topping in his scenes. But today, a couple months later, he's back on the bottom at Men of UK and French-Canadian Gabriel Clark has the honours of being the second guy to fuck Paddy's ass.

It's a passionate scene with dark lighting and candles, lots of kissing and caressing, it really feels like a pair of lovers are having their first sexual experience after dating for a couple of months. It's tender, slow, and erotic. Paddy and Gabriel aren't in a rush. Paddy fucks Gabriel's ass first with a dildo, then his cock; then Gabriel eats out Paddy's ass and fucks it. A few minutes later Gabriel is riding Paddy's dick, then he spoon fucks the British top until they both cum in a side-by-side jack. If you're a Paddy fan, you'll definitely be watching this one; if you haven't been a fan, you'll want to check this one out, it's a whole different side of Paddy.

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