Paddy O'Brian Finally Sucks Dick Paddy O'Brian Finally Sucks Dick

We've been waiting a long time for this -- Paddy O'Brian sucking his first cock on film. In just two more days (Friday July 3), debuts the second season of Gay of Thrones and picks up where they left off last summer. And not only does this latest episode feature Paddy putting a dick in his mouth for the first time, but he's in an outdoor flip fuck with Connor Maguire. Come inside and see the preview video. desperately tried to keep us in the dark about whose dick Paddy was sucking, but I guess Connor Maguire didn't know it was supposed to be a secret. He blabbed somewhere that he and Paddy had fucked each other in the new episode of Gay of Thrones and the news spread like a prairie fire. (Speaking of prairies, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks.) Prior to that, had released a picture of Paddy with a cock in his mouth and encouraged us all to guess who he was blowing. They did the same thing a couple of years back when Paddy bottomed for the first time.

I have only seen the preview of this scene, so like the rest of you, I'll have to wait until Friday to see how Paddy fares as a cocksucker. But if the glimpse in this preview video is any indication, he's not bad and it certainly looks like he's doing more than just-the-tip sucking. The scene debuts on Friday, but just in case you missed the first season of Gay of Thrones last summer, you've got a couple of days to get caught up.

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