Paddy O'Brian Finally Gets Fucked Paddy O'Brian Finally Gets Fucked

If Paddy O'Brian has a marketing manager, he or she should get an award. I don't think any other gay porn star has strung us along for so many years. Cody Cummings springs to mind with the endless teases like "Is Cody Cummings finally getting fucked this time?" But Cody Cummings never did get fucked and that's what separates the men from the boys.

Paddy O'Brian has been appearing on gay porn sites for a lot of years. He started off on the UK sites doing jack-off scenes, then finally agreed to getting his first on-screen blowjob from a guy. For another year or more we were teased with one guy after another sucking Paddy's big-nobbed cock. Then finally, I think O'Brian did his first fuck scene with Falcon where he stuck his hard-on inside a guy's ass.

When Paddy O'Brian was signed on as an exclusive for's Men of UK, he fucked one guy after another, then the question became: When is Paddy O'Brian finally going to get fucked? Well here it is. And the guy lucky enough to get Paddy to bottom is Topher DiMaggio. And it's an enthusiastic fuck scene with Paddy even sitting on and riding Topher's big dick. This will go down as one of the top moments in gay porn this year.

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