Paddy O'Brian Has 24 Hours to Fuck Paddy O'Brian Has 24 Hours to Fuck

I love science fiction and I love porn. And is mixing the two in this video starring Paddy O'Brian and Riley Coxx. In the late 21st century, time has replaced money as a unit of currency. When a man hits 25 years of age, his body stops aging and he's got one more year to live -- unless he can replenish his cock. Walking down the street looking for someone to fuck, Paddy finds a business card on the ground that says, "Need time?" So he calls the number and Riley Coxx tells him where to be.

I hate to be a nit picker, but there are so many holes in this story that I'm surprised Paddy O'Brian didn't just pick one of them and fuck it. First, the concept of your life ending at 25 isn't a new one, they did the same sort of thing in the movie Logan's Run, so that's fine, no problems there.

But if all a guy has to do to avoid death is "replenish his cock," wouldn't men be pulling down their pants and boning each other in the street? Would you have to hunt for someone who was selling time? And does Riley Coxx lose some of his time by getting fucked? Wouldn't his own time be replenished by the ass pounding? Or do you have to top to get time?

Oh well, who cares? It's gay porn, which can be silly at times, and I love watching Paddy O'Brian screwing a mile a minute, and in this case he's got every reason to pound hard and fast, his life depends on it.

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