Outdoor Shower

Tristan Bull looks hot any way you find him. But this week, when he stripped naked and climbed in the Next Door Male shower, I popped an instant boner! Tristan Bull is a rugged outdoors man and he's just floated in on his kayak. He's worked up a real sweat and can't wait to take a long, hot shower outdoors. He climbs under the spray, and then, peels out of his shorts. His semi-hard, uncut cock pops out, and what a piece of meat! Fuck! I wish I were there to kneel down under the spray and take care of his long, thick cock. But Tristan's alone, so he grabs a fistful of soap and lathers it up on his hard cock. He teases us in the shower, and even bends over and shows off his hot ass! Then, fresh from the shower and his body glistening in the sun, Tristan lays down a towel on a shaded picnic table and finishes working his hard bone. Minutes later, he's covered in sweat and coated with gobs of cum. Tristan needs another shower! Damn, this could go on all day!

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