Outdoor Shower

Kenny is one of my favourite Next Door Male guys. He's a semi regular, showing up every few weeks or so to jack his cock, fuck around with some guys on Next Door Buddies.In this video Kenny is flying solo and he's letting us watch him getting cleaned up in an outdoor shower. This baby-faced hunk is 23 years old and he has a beautiful body. Kenny opens up the video lying back in a lounge chair. He's reading a porn magazine and his cock is stiffening up in his jeans. He pulls his big cock through his zipper and strokes his meat. But Kenny isn't in a hurry, so he wanders off and reappears wearing only a robe, which he sheds so he can take an outdoor shower. This gives us a really good look at Kenny's hot body. Wait until you see his hard bubble butt - what an ass! And his cock and balls are in pretty healthy proportions, too. Kenny lathers up with soap and grabs his cock and begins stroking - and this time, he aims to shoot his load. He sits down on a bench and shoots all over himself. He even nails himself in the face with his juice! Now that's a cumshot! And afterwards, he just gets back under the spray of hot water and rinses his juice down the drain. What a waste!

Outdoor Shower

Jacking Off Outdoors

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