Naked Muscle Man

More and more, I'm developing a huge fascination with big muscle men. This hulking piece of beef is Stewart and he's 23 years old. And he really does have a beautiful body. Huge sloping shoulders, hard pecs crowned with huge, hard nipples, bulging biceps, and a great big round ass. I do love a hot butt and Stewart's is phenomenal. And when you look at him from behind with his massive thighs, his butt looks really cute. Stewart's a straight guy who was encouraged to do some porn by his girlfriend. So, he decided to do some stuff for Next Door Male. His video starts off with him waking up in the morning with a raging hard on. He plays with his cock for a while, and then, decides to take it outside. Seated on the steps, he begins stroking himself again; those massive legs spread wide and he's pulled his shorts down a little so he can get at his cock. He lies there for a while jacking off in the sun. And when he wants to cum, he wanders around to the backyard. He oils himself up and begins to jack his cock with intention. And wait until you see the pool of cum he spews all over his six packs. It's a very nice, big load.

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