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We don't get to see a lot of hairy guys on Next Door Male, so Brandon Monroe is a treat. At 30 years old, Brandon looks like he's still in his mid-twenties. And he's quite a sight with his hairy chest, face stubble, and his fat cock. Brandon is an exhibitionist, so he loves being in front of the camera. And knowing that thousands of men are going to be watching him jacking off gets his dick super hard. Brandon begins his stroke fest while kicking back on the couch. He slowly undresses and teases himself before finally fishing out his fat cock and caressing it. Not too anxious to cum, Brandon heads outside for a walk in the nude. He loves feeling the fresh air on his naked body. And when he finds a wooden bench under a nearby tree, he gets comfortable and gets ready to empty the creamy goodness out of his balls. After he cums all over his hairy belly, he rests his arms on the back of the bench and enjoys the air on his meaty cock, which hangs heavily between his hairy legs.

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