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The author of the Otter Men blog designates the following: "Otter: a man who is hairy, but is not large or stocky--typically thinner, or with lean muscle." He then proceeds to give a pretty astounding array of pictorial proof that he can not only designate his own niche on "Otters", but that he can do it in a very riveting way. He provides pictures obviously gained from years of intense and very focused interest. And he provides LOTS of them. In a sense it is a compendium of research regarding the niche, at least in terms of sheer quantity and the force of the impact he delivers. There can be no doubt this blogger throws the weight of his own interests right out front. Jase - the author - mentions he is a PhD candidate, attending school, who has a sideline interest in hot-looking gay men. His honesty is as refreshing as his approach and he sure doesn't hide his tastes. This site provides strenuous research with passion and the result is a totally fascinating blog, well worth visiting and revisiting. It is a visual feast but it also has some funny and honest things to say as well. I liked it.

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