I love it when there is something different to view. I mean the Internet is great for people showcasing their talents, or tricks, that are really interesting. This is one of those sites, that might be semi commercial, but you have to check out the Morph Images.

Sit back to watch the image change before your eyes. Like in Bicep Boys, where this geek image appears. Click the viewer and watch as it slowly morphs into a rather handsome stud, that not many would object to doing. The biceps ain't bad either.

The Speedo Boys and Jeans are rather hot. It is amazing to see how much detail goes into these morph images. Click and watch a real nerd or geek turn into a hot stud. This is not maybe erotic, but you know, it does sort of give new meaning to the old phrase of 'not judging a book by its cover'.

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