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Right now, all over the world, people are getting it on at the office. Bosses screwing their secretaries, a couple of up-and-comers working late on a project doing it on the boardroom table, or an executive screwing the maintenance man down in the stockroom. Rear Stable's Marco Cruise and Ethan Hudson are no different. They find themselves alone at the office and they've been hot for one another for a while. Their passion finally gets the best of them.

Marco Cruise is a sexy and muscular Latin hunk; he's handsome, he's wearing a hot chin-strap beard, and he loves servicing a nice bone. Ethan Hudson is a horny redhead man with a thick cock. Ethan sits back in his desk chair while Marco gets down on his knees and devours Ethan's thick cock. But it's Marco's hairy butt hole that has really caught Ethan's eye, so he pushes the Latin muscle man back on the desk, hoists his legs, and starts inching his fat cock inside Marco's tight hole. It takes a minute, but eventually Ethan buries his bone balls deep. He thrusts hard and opens Marco up. Then Marco takes control and mounts his office buddy, riding his cock hard and deep. Ethan loves the aggression and it brings him right to the edge. Finally Ethan fires off a huge multi squirt load all over Marco's face and the cock-hungry muscle man laps it all up.

As things wind down for the holidays, you'll probably find some time at the office when things are a little slow and there's no one around. Don't be afraid to give the maintenance man a little wink as you grope your crotch. You never know what the holiday spirit will bring. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to bone him over your desk. In the meantime, head over to Rear Stable and check out this hot video.

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