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Last week I blogged about Branden Monroe in Outdoor Jack Off. I love a good-looking guy with a hairy body, so Branden really did it for me. But I never expected to see him again so quickly. When I hit Next Door Buddies this week, Brandon Monroe his giving Mike Roberts head in this hot blowjob scene. It all begins when Brandon wakes up and sees Mike is sunning himself nude on the porch. Nothing like a little nude sunbathing before breakfast. Seeing his buddy naked gets Brenden's own cock rock hard. (Brenden has always had a crush on Mike.) When Mike noticed Brenden standing behind the sliding door screen stroking his fat dick, Mike was anxious to take this further. The guys head into the bedroom and Brenden services his buddy's long and fat cock. And man! What a mouthful! Brenden's a big cock tease, too; he really enjoys staring into the camera while his tongue is sliding up and down his buddy's pole. (I love it when guys know how to work the camera.) When Brenden's had his fill of Mike's cock, the hairy bottom sits back on Mike's stiff dick and goes for a ride. Look at the expression on his face, he loves his buddy's dick, and you'll love watching them.

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