Not All Cocks Are Beautiful

Isaiah's cock isn't going to win any beauty contests. It's veiny and it's crowned with a long, olive-shaped cock head with a wide piss slit. But it is deliciously long and it is uncut. (That's always a nice bonus.) And isn't that what makes having sex with guys so much fun? You never know what you're going to find when you fish a guy's dick out of his underwear. Some guys have the most perfectly-shaped and well-proportioned cocks, while other sport curves or bulbous caps. Regardless, Isaiah loves his dick and he puts on quite the show jerking it all over Sean Cody's studio livingroom.

Isaiah has a lean and ripped body. He's a self-proclaimed, nature-loving guy who grew up in the mountains. He loves hiking through the wild forest and it's kept his body in top shape. This young stud also has a big pair of nipples - huge dark patches on his chiseled pecs. And if you like a guy with a furry ass, Isaiah is one you'll want to check out. He mounts the sofa, rears that hairy butt towards the camera, and lets us watch as he jerks his long cock from behind. Then he lies on the floor and hoists his legs on the sofa to give us a different view. He jerks his dick all over that room until he finally shoots his big load all over his washboard stomach. I'm hoping that we're going to get to see Isaiah in some guy-on-guy action at Sean Cody in the weeks ahead, but for now, enjoy Isaiah's energetic jerk-off session

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