I love my job. Every day I have to cruise around some of my favourite gay porn sites and look for a picture of a hot looking guy to bring to the blog. It's not a bad way to start your day. That's right, every morning with my cup of coffee I start the hunt for cock. Luckily I found David here at Next Door Male before I was even into my third sip of coffee. What a cute guy and I love that tattoo. David is a 19-year-old college wrestler. He's a muscled, horse-hung jock and likes showing off his baseball bat-sized cock. David starts off his shoot in jeans and a tank top, and after he strips out of those, he puts on his wrestling singlet. I understand why so many gay men are into wrestling, I mean you can't get much more homo that two guys wrestling not to be on the bottom. And I just can't imagine trying to win a match with David's huge bulge pressing into my face. I guess if you are the least bit turned on by guys you had best stay away from this sport; those wrestling singlets don't hide an erection very well. And David's showing a whopper in his. He gets comfortable on the couch and starts pumping his fat cock. David likes to bring himself to the edge, and then back off for a bit. He says it makes his loads much bigger and more satisfying. When he's getting close to unloading, he jumps on the bed and dry-humps a pillow for a minute, then rolls over and blasts off a huge load, hitting his upper chest. Wow! What a hot scene.

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