This is one fashion trend I won't be sorry to see go the way of bell-bottoms and toe socks. Knitted hats are made to keep your head warm, and while I'm certainly all for looking one's best when braving the winter cold, when you're naked and jacking off, TAKE YOUR FUCKING HAT OFF! You may think you look cool, but you look like an idiot. But Troy, I'll forgive you because you have such a beautiful cock and I did enjoy watching you shoot your load. Troy looks pretty clean-cut with his muscular body and blonde hair. But then he strips out of his clothes and we see that his right leg -- from ankle to knee is inked in tattoos. So he's not so clean-cut after all, Troy's a bad boy. He's sporting a nice, big cock -- even soft -- and a huge set of low hanging balls. (Man, I love slurping on balls like these, scooping them up in my mouth and rolling them around in my mouth.) Troy gets completely naked (except for his hat) and jacks off on the couch for a while. And then he goes into the bathroom, sits on the toilet, and jacks off some more, finally finishing himself off and shooting a thick load all over the bathroom vanity. I do hope he cleaned up his mess, and may I suggest using that hat as a cum rag. :)

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