Paddy O'Brian

Who better to headline a new online series than Paddy O'Brian (above)!? Even though he's been busy winning major awards, such as Performer of the Year and Newcomer of the Year at the recent TLA Awards, O'Brian takes the lead in Men of UK's new Lock, Stock and Cock. This plot-heavy tribute to Guy Ritchie's 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels comes to us from the niche site.

Sexy Brit O'Brian and co-star Paul Walker play former used-car salesmen who are peddling sex toys that belong to a certain gangster (Sergio Serrano). The shady dude also happens to be a porn fan! Paddy is given a chance to make it right by playing in a pricey poker game to win back some money that another character (Riley Tess) stole from Sergio. Buddies O'Brian and Walker fix the game and make off with the cash; they also get to have a winning threeway with loser Riley in a boxing ring. (So much for continuity!) The studs bang him from both ends before delivering dueling creamy facials (below). And that's only Part 1. Stay tuned for Parts 2 (in which O'Brian gets together with boss man Serrano) and 3 (featuring Justin King in another threesome with Paddy and Paul). For more information, visit



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