Imagine finding this fine young piece of man flesh under your tree on Christmas morning! Holy cow, what a beauty! I have no idea his name, where he's from, or how old he is, but I thought that wouldn't really matter once you all got a look at this man. ACTIVE DUTY manage to get some of the best looking young men you'll ever lay eyes on, and "Mystery Babe" here is by far no exception. With a face and body like something out of a fantasy novel and a cock that will cause your mouth to water at first site, this boy can bring home the bacon any time!


What did I tell ya?! Look at those buttocks. Mmmm. This young fella was blessed with all the right features. His lithe, statuesque physique evokes an emotion that can set your heart aflutter. I'm breathless staring at this mystery mate.


Be careful not to fry your keyboard with the drool rolling down your chin guys. LOL. That is one nice fucking cock eh? It would fill your mouth up just right I think. Not to mention other entrance ways you may be willing to offer to this fine young specimen.


Pardon me while I undo my jeans to re-adjust my extremely hard erection. That cock is just too much to handle. What do you think guys? Is this young fella a nice Christmas present or what? I'd never leave the house again if I received such a gift as this spendid young man. ACTIVE DUTY just went up a whole lot of notches with me after seeing this beauty. Perhaps we can find out his name over at their site. But for now, we'll just consider him a very very nice present from Santa.

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