my boyfriends 10-inch cock

Micah is a lucky man. His boyfriend, Bradley, has a 10-inch cock. Can you imagine having a huge dick to ride whenever you want? Wouldn't that just be the life? The problem is that Bradley is the bottom in this relationship. That's right, Bradley's another one of those big-dicked bottoms. But Micah is no slouch in the cock department - he's packing an 8-inch thick cock.

While Micah may not be getting fucked in this scene, he sure goes to town on Bradley's cock. Micah slobbers all over Bradley's huge cock and really gets it hard and wet. Bradley is loving his blowjob, but he really wants to feel his boyfriend's big dick sliding up his butt. The guys fuck in a number of positions. But I love Bradley riding it with his own 10-inch cock flopping around to the thrusting rhythm. When the guys are ready to blow their loads, they sit together on an oversized chair. With their legs entangled, they jerk their cocks and spew their big loads across their bellies. Does the guy with the biggest dick shoot the biggest load? You'll have to head to Extra Big Dicks to find out.

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