mushroom head cock

I love a big mushroom-head cock. Nothing like swirling your lips all over a fat cap. And Jeffrey is a 21-year-old military boy with a juicy, plump cock head. He was recently on leave and headed to California for some much-needed rest and fun. From the South, he likes dirt bikes, hunting, and of course, sex. Stopping by Sean Cody for a heated jerk-off session was just one of the "fun" things Jeffrey did while on vacation.

Jeffrey has a lean runner's build, but his ass is meaty. He's a good-looking guy with hot, kissable lips. And his slender body makes that mushroom head cock pop even bigger. As he strokes his dick, precum oozes out of his bulbous head. And surprisingly, when he jerked his cock, he slid a finger into his asshole. This got him really excited and when he was ready to shoot, playing with his butt hole made him shoot an even bigger load.

If I know Sean Cody, Jeffrey is going to be back on the site sometime in the weeks ahead. And I can't wait to see which one of the Sean Cody studs is going to be sucking that big nob of Jeffrey's. Hopefully we'll get to watch Jeffrey stuffing that bulbous dick head into a hungry butt hole, but the way this military stud was playing his his fuck hole, I'm betting Jeffrey is going to be getting his ass pounded.

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